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Christening Invitations


Our range of christening invitations offers a selection of designs that can be personalised with all the appropriate details for your baby's christening.

Our on-line order form allows you to choose different lettering styles, card and ink colours, for your christening invitations, as well as adding photographs and motifs, and personalise envelopes with printed details and tissue-lining, making your stationery as simple or as luxurious as you choose.

Once you have chosen your options, send us your order form and we will respond within a few hours by emailing you a full colour proof of your christening invitation stationery. On approval of your proof we ask that you contact us with your payment, we accept all major debit and credit cards. Delivery to your door is 48hrs from approval of your proof.

Tips and ideas for Christening Invitations

Our stationery is personalised so that it is unique to you ensuring you can choose exactly the style, colours and wording that is right for your baby's christening, but here are a few ideas we hope will help you.

Invitation Colours
Traditionally it has always been blue for a boy and pink for a girl and this remains a very popular choice which looks can be produces with a border and ink to match, or indeed for the whole invitation. Where that invitation is for the christening of twins with a boy and a girl, then we have found that a neutral colour way is usually the most popular, but more exuberant designs that we have seen work very well have included both pink and blue motifs and ribbons together.

Baptism or Christening?
Strictly speaking, baptism is the sacrament of initiation into the Christian Church and christening is the ceremony associated with it, especially as accompanied by the naming of the baby. So it is entirely a matter of choice whether to use the term 'christening invitations or baptism invitations' though baptism is perhaps the slightly more formal and religious term.

If you have any questions you can contact us by phone or email, we will always be available to help you.